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Cervicogenic Headache and migraine treatments

“Cervicogenic” refers to headaches originating from a problem other than the brain or head itself. This originating problem could be coming from the joints of the neck, discs, muscles, ligaments or even the nerves of the neck.  These injuries are caused from a variety of reasons including; sudden neck injury, prolonged poor postures (RSI) and even changing your pillow or mattress.

 What should you do when you get a headache?

Look at your surrounding environment, check your posture and make sure you are not doing repetitive movements that can irritate your neck (e.g painters constantly looking up while working). Speak to your GP about pain relief and use heat packs to relax your muscles.

If your headache continues then it’s time to make an appointment to see your Physiotherapist.

How can we treat and manage your headache?

In your assessment we look at the position of your neck compared to your shoulders, we also assess the alignment of your Cervical spine. In most recurring headache patients we can see a significant positional change in the top 3 vertebrae of your cervical spine. Using soft tissue releases, dry needles and acupuncture we can realign these joints to take pressure off the spine and decrease your headache.

Once the spine is consistently in a good position we will prescribe exercises to maintain this and avoid it happening again.

Written by Marium Mekaeil